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Silent Wings simulates the movement of the aircraft by dividing the aircraft into several force-generating elements, and integrating these forces acting on the aircraft mass over time. Several text files are used to define the physics of an aircraft:

  • mass.dat defines the mass and inertia properties of the aircraft, including water ballast and fuel
  • aero.dat defines the aerodynamic parts of the aircraft such as airfoils, wings and fuselages
  • gear.dat defines the parts that interacts with the ground, such as the landing gear and hardpoints at the fuselage
  • engine.dat can define an optional engine with propeller
  • controls.dat defines the cockpit controls
  • autopilot.dat defines the properties of the aircraft autopilot

We recommend taking a look on existing aircraft models and study their .dat files to see how things are done.

Besides these files you will also need a set of airfoil polars in the airfoils directory.

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