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Aircraft modelling

In this category you will find articles related to making add-on aircraft for Silent Wings, including how to set up aerodynamics, sound, graphics, config files, etc.

  • Aircraft Physics - Articles related to the physics modelling of an aircraft
  • Graphics and sound - Articles related to the visual and audible modelling of an aircraft, and instrumentation

File structure

An aircraft model is defined by a set of files in a directory in the Silent Wings/data/aircraft/<modelname> directory. The directory name defines the model's name as it appears in the Silent Wings GUI.

These files should be present in the aircraft model directory:

  • aircraft.gng - The external 3d Gng model file
  • cockpit.gng - The cockpit 3d Gng model file. Trim away parts of the aircraft that are not visible from the cockpit in this model, to increase the framerate.
  • icon.png - An icon picture for the Silent Wings GUI
  • config.dat - Various settings that don't fit anywhere else
  • options.dat - Set by the GUI (will be overwritten, so don't bother editing this)
  • panel.dat - Instrument panel settings
  • sound.dat - Sound effects
  • AI_aircraft.cfg - AI aircraft master configuration file (syntax as in aircraft.cfg)
  • AI_aero.dat - Aerodynamic model (simplified) for the AI controlled aircraft (syntax as in aero.dat)
  • AI_pilot.dat - Autopilot file for the AI controlled aircraft (syntax as in autopilot.dat)

Then you need three additional subdirectories:

  • info - A directory with a html file called index.htm describing the aircraft, along with optional images linked in the html file. This file will be shown in the Silent Wings GUI
  • sound - A directory containing the sound files defined in the sound.dat file
  • textures - A directory containing the textures used by the .gng 3d models

The aircraft model will also access airfoil files that are put in the Silent Wings/data/airfoils directory.


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