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The gear.dat file defines your landing gear, and other points on the aircraft that should collide with the ground.

Gear parts

The file is built up of several gear parts. A typical gear part is defined like this:

gear_part {
 name      = Nose Wheel
 pos       = [ 2.2 0.0 1.05 ]
 c_comp    = 17355
 c_damp    = 3500
 max_comp  = 0.2 
 r_static  = 0.9
 r_kinetic = 0.08
 r_brake   = 0.0
 steerable = true
 steer_angle = 45.0

Here are all the parameters you can set:

name = <name>


pos = [ <x> <y> <z> ]

The position of the wheel hub or hardpoint. Remember: x forwards, y to the right, z down.

c_comp = <float>

The spring coefficient of the part

c_damp = <float>

The damping coefficient of the part

max_comp = <float>

The maximum travel of the gear part. Don't set this too small.

r_static = <float>

The static friction coefficient (when we stand still)

r_kinetic = <float>

The dynamic friction coefficient (when we are sliding)

r_brake = <float> (optional)

The friction with the wheelbrakes full on

load_limit = <float> (optional)

The max force this gear part can take before it breaks off [in Newtons]

critical = <bool> (optional)

If this is set to true then this is a "critical" part. This means that if this part breaks then the whole aircraft is broken too.

gfx_node = <name> (optional)

If you have defined animations on the graphics model, you should use the animation node name here to enable the wheels to spin and suspensions to move.

steerable   = <bool> (optional)
steer_angle = <angle in degrees> (optional)

Set this if the wheel should be steerable. It will be linked with the rudder controller. If it works the wrong way try a negative steering angle.

radius = <float>

The radius of the landing gear wheel (optional, don't set it if this is a hardpoint)

drivable = <float>

This is a simple hack that links the throttle to a driving force on the wheel. It is meant for debugging purposes and has no value in an aircraft model (but you could make a car..)

retractable = <bool>

If the landing gear is retractable you should define this here.

Other options

There is one parameter you can set apart from the gear parts:

impact_limit = <float>

This will define the max load the aircraft can take before it's declared a wreck.