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Note: This feature is implemented in Silent Wings Viewer 1.10. It will not work with earlier versions

If you are running a tracking event server, you have the possibility to show banner ads in the viewer. This has been implemented to help getting sponsors that help financing such events. Currently, this only works with vPos-compatible servers.

To set it up, you need to add an additional php query to your server, called


It must return a list of banner ad files and a tag for how many seconds each ad should be shown. It must be reachable by any web browser with the url (replace with your own ;-) )

A simple example of what getbannerinfo.php should return in your web browser could look like this:


In this case, the viewer will show the banners in this order, in an ever-going loop. Each banner will be displayed for 10.5 seconds.

The image format supported is currently TIFF (.tif, .tiff). Alpha channel (transparency) and LZW compression can be used.

The images must be placed so that they can be opened in any web browser, using the url 

You may also for example define a path in the banner tag, like this:


where the url then becomes 


  • If you want a pause without any banner, create a banner which is empty. It could be a one-pixel transparent .png file, for example. Put this empty image in between in the list of images, where you want the blank.
  • The banners are displayed in the upper left corner. If they are wider than 2/3 of the screen width, they will be scaled down to fit within the 2/3 screen width.
  • The banners are downloaded when a viewer starts up. So to re-load getbannerinfo.php, the viewer must be restarted.
  • The banners do not contain web links. You cannot click them to open a web browser.