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Generating the terrain model

This article describes the commands used to create a scenery file from a set of input data and configuration files.

Read data

data_reader <terrain config> <work dir>

This command will read the input data as described in the terrain config file, tile it into suitable bits and put it on the work directory in a simple work format.

Generate airports/runways

apt_gen <terrain config> <airports file> <work dir>

This program will make runway polygons for the airports within our area and put the polygon files in the work directory.

Generate terrain surface

terrain_gen <terrain config> <work dir> <output name>

This program will read the input data from the work directory and make a multiresolution triangulation of the data based on the parameters in the terrain config. There will be generated three files called <output name> with the extensions .tin, .idx and .grd.

Generate textures

texmapper <texture config> <output dir> <output config>

This command will read the texture mapper config file tile it into suitable pieces and create a hierarchy of downscaled images for the lower resolutions. It will also render shadows into the textures if necessary (If the aerial photos already contain shadows, this process may be skipped).

Read the Texmapper.cfg article for a detailed example of this process.