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The MP server will post info by HTTP to a web server at regular intervals.

The web server can be specified with the -web command line switch:


Server info

On startup it sends the following parameters in a HTTP POST:

script name: /multiplayer/server_update/

Name=<server name>
Scenery=<scenery name>
Address=<ip address>
Task=<task string>
TaskDist=<task distance>
Port=<port number>
NumPlayers=<num players>
MaxPlayers=<max num players>
Uptime=<current uptime>

If there is a task, the task points are specified as:

TP<n>=<name>,<lat>,<lon>,<elev>,<beercan radius>,<angle1>,<angle2>,<>

where <n> is a number from 0 to num TP-1.

This script should return a single line


This ID will be used for subsequent server updates

At regular intervals, this info is updated with the same script the two parameters

ID=<server id>
NumPlayers=<num players>
Uptime=<current uptime>

Player info

When a new player joins, the following info is sent:

script name: /multiplayer/player_update/



ID=<player id>

Subsequent updates: