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Note: This feature is implemented in Silent Wings 1.08. It will not work with earlier versions

Silent Wings contains a built-in server which can be used to control most functions of the simulator. This can be used from external applications to interface certain types of hardware, custom autopilot applications and probably a lot of other interesting uses.

To enable the Remote Control server, add the following lines to options.dat

use_remote_control = true
remote_control_port = 6070
remote_control_mode = UDP

The last variable can be either UDP or TCP.

To test it, set mode to TCP and telnet to the correct port on the computer running Silent Wings, for example:

telnet localhost 6070

You can now enter commands directly in the telnet window, for example:

APSPD 1 100
APROL 1 30

This will close the help window, unpause and put the aircraft in a 30 degrees bank at 100km/h using the autopilot. Finally, it will change view to flyby-mode.