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This article describes the file and directory structure used to store Silent Wings scenery.

Minden scenery directory

There is one master directory that holds all the files required for a scenery area. The name of the master directory is the name the user will see in the user interface when they want to select the scenery. The icon for the scenery, the waypoints list and a set of scenery blocks are placed inside the master scenery directory. The tasks.dat file contains the saved tasks a user has created and will be created automatically by the user interface. It is not required at all for scenery creation and shouldn't be shipped with a scenery release.

The scenery block directories (BLK*) contain the terrain and 3D models. Scenery may consist of just one block or multiple blocks that are tiled to cover a larger area. Each scenery block contains :

* 3D models and their textures in the models directory (models and models/textures)
* terrain textures in the textures directory
* a list of the airports in the block in the airports.dat
* the elevation data in a file called terrain.tin (triangulated irregular network)
* the rest are configuration/control files

Nearly all of the files in the BLK directories are created automatically by the scenery tools with the exceptions being :

* default model textures
* custom 3D models
* forest models, textures and config files